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Some news about the web site's internationalization

Sunday 27 January 2008 at 21:23

Hello all,

As the title indicate it, the PlayOnLinux's web site moves about a lot since the week end begins. As you can note it, we did a lot of changes in order to be able to translate the web site in other languages.

What are these changes?

Dates in the database

Goku and me, when we had created the web site, didn't think even one second that we will do an english version some day. Consequently, we had directly stocked "Le mardi 13 octobre à 13:15" into the database. Not very intelligent, you will tell me ... so I passed the evening to make scripts to standardize dates with a "universal" format. Dates are now translated.

The web site's default language is English

As you could note, the web site is now in English by default. It will be simpler for everybody I think.

Various additional translations

Such as private messages, forums' bottom

Forums' URLs have been modified

It's possible that you encounter 404 errors, thank you to report them

Some fixed javascript

In the same time, why going without?

All these stuffs to say ...

Firstly we will translate the web site in various other languages. We did a poll to know in which languages it should be translated first.

Our demands

- We are looking for a motivated translator to do, for the moment, German, Italian or Spanish web sites using the French or the English translation.
- We are looking for a team for each web site i.e, German, Italian, Spanish and Engslish moderators, newsers.

If you're interested in, thank you to send me a private message.

By Tinou