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Oblivion Keyboard Issues

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adc93 Thursday 18 July 2013 at 20:58

Early 2011 MacBook Pro, 10.8.4
PlayOnMac 4.2.1
X11 2.7.4
Wine version 1.5.0-raw3 (edit: I've tried using different versions, but no improvement- non-raw3 versions seem to cause sound issues)

I downloaded and began using PlayOnMac a little over a week ago, and Oblivion's (Steam version) given me no problems until now. The keys E through O have begun working sporadically at best a few minutes after starting to play. Before running Oblivion (Steam window open), there does not seem to be a problem, but even after closing Oblivion and quitting XQuartz the keys continue to not work for a few minutes.

After a restart the keys work just fine (unless, that is, I open Oblivion). They do work properly right after starting to play and then cease working, first for short amounts of time, and later virtually indefinitely. Because of the many programs being used simultaneously I am not sure which one may be responsible, or where to look to fix it.  In X11 settings, I've disabled "Enable key equivalents" and enabled "Follow system keyboard layout"; the problem persists.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Edit: Just changed the joystick value in the ini file to 0; the majority of keyboard nonresponsiveness issues I saw were due to bEnableJoystick=1. Problem is still there. If I switch out of oblivion the keys come back slowly (it took a minute or so for me to start being able to type this edit).

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