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World of tanks now in testing status

Read before posting about WOT

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Ronin DUSETTE Wednesday 24 July 2013 at 21:09

So, with all of the issues that WoT has in OSX through wine, I have chosen to put it into TESTING, which means that if you want to install it, you will need to check the "Testing" box in the Install window on POM.

This program literally runs like garbage on most systems, or sometimes not at all (On OSX. On Linux it runs great).

There are far too many bugs to decalre this app fully compatible, and support for it will be best-effort.

If you are having problems running WoT, please make sure that the following are installed (tired of typing the same links):

Make sure that you have Samba installed, as you will need winbind:


Make sure that you have the MOST CURRENT graphics drivers for your video card. If you dont know what card you have, check your system settings or google search your model of Mac, and find out what the video card is. Ex.: If you have an Nvidia card, then go to Nvidia.com and download the NEWEST drivers for your system/card. If you dont have these, it will not run.

These are 2 of the biggest errors that I see, and are easy to correct. This is a short list, and as more fixes to random bugs come along, I will add them in here.

IF you do have issues, then make sure that you have read the stickies at the top of this forum (Ya know, the ones that say "Read before posting") and you are posting correctly with the correct information. Im trying to streamline the troubleshooting process so that we can get stuff fixed for you faster. If you dont read the rules, use exclamation points all through your post (like "PLEASE HELP!!!"), and then dont post any information that we ask for in the rules, your thread will be locked, and you will be told to read them and post appropriately.

Help us help you. :)


Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
No private messages for general help, use the forums
Read the wiki, Report broken scripts