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Steam: Setting Status and Auto-Closing

Managing Steam via game launchers

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Haravikk Sunday 26 April 2015 at 17:42

So I've installed Skyrim via the installer included through Play on Linux/Mac, and it works great, however there are two things I'd like to address (if possible):

  1. Upon closing Skyrim, Steam remains open. This means I have to choose "Exit" from Steam's menu before it'll actually close; minor, but annoying, as I've created a seperate shortcut for launching Steam on its own, so really when Skyrim closes I'd like Steam to do-so as well (after syncing any cloud files).
  2. I'd like Steam to default my status to Offline when I'm launching a game, since the Steam overlay doesn't seem to work under WINE at present. I'm hoping I can cut down on annoyances to my friends by avoiding cases where I come online only to go offline immediately, or where I forget to go offline and can't respond to anyone that is talking to me :D

If anyone has any ideas on how I can work around these two niggles then it'd be greatly appreciated!

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