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Can't find version: 3.21-staging

Playonlinux/Wine version

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StefSt Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 3:01

Hello there, I'm new here, so if this topic is duplicated, please excuse me.

I'm trying to install game - League of legends on Linux Mint latest. I have installed it and when i go to :PlayOnLinux -> Install a program-> I choose League of legends in the search bar, and folowing the instructions.

As I go to the last screen - Choose realm : North America / EU East & Nordics / EU WEST , I choose my realm and i try to make the installation.

It's saying - "a message" - wait downloading the game and after that I recieve error:

Error in POL_Wine_InstallVersion
Can't find version: 3.21-staging

I try to find this version from tools -> wine versions and it is not listed, but I'v updated wine to latest 4.0+ (at least the terminal says that).

When i execute wine --version it pops up -  4.4 staging.

Any Ideas ?

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Dadu042 Sunday 24 March 2019 at 10:30

I think this is because you have POL v4.2.x    You must uninstall it then install POL v4.3.x (from this website).

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