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[Test] Microsoft Office 2016 Installation

Office 2016 is working on my setup. Testing/Scripting needed

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GlasierXplor Monday 12 August 2019 at 15:43

I have successfully installed Office 2016 using playonlinux, but I do not know how to write a POL script.

I am posting here as I hope that the community can help me out and in the near future add Office 2016 as a supported application (I realised that it is quite a sought after application to run on POL).


Installation reference:-


System Info:-
OS: Kubuntu 18.04.1
Kernel: 5.0.0-23-generic
POL version: 4.2.12
Office Version: Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 32-bit (Word, PPT, Excel, Outlook)


What Works (as far as I can tell):-
Word, Powerpoint, and Excel are not giving me problems so far. Didn't test Outlook since I do not use it.
The interface may look a bit jagged (as if "vsync" is not turned on)


Wine Info/Workarounds:-
Wine Version: 3.14
Wine architecture: 32-bit
Windows version: Windows 7
Components Installed: MSXML6, RICHED20
Overrides: riched20 (native, builtin); msxml6 (native, builtin)
Registry Edit: HKCU\Software\Wine\Direct2D\max_version_factory (Direct2D: New Key; max_version_factory: DWORD = 0)


Installation Details:-
1. Download Microsoft Office 2016 from your account in office.com > My Account > Service & Subscriptions > Install
    - The online setup will crash within the first few seconds of installation. Download the offline setup instead (around 4GB+)
2. Mount the .img file downloaded as a disc
3. Perform all Wine configs beforehand
3. Run setup.exe
    - the installation window will be half blank. If you have a system tray, the MSO logo will appear. Clicking on it will show progress. Will also show balloon when installation completed
4. Kill all processes using the Kill processes button (it is safe to do so after installation completes).
5. Copy "AppvIsvSubsystems32.dll" and "C2R32.dll" from "<office2016>/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/ClickToRun/" to "<office2016>/Program Files/Microsoft Office/root/Office16/"
    - If youdo not copy nothing will launch.
6. Create application shortcuts as needed.
7. Upon starting up, it apparently is not activated
    - Do not use the product key that is included in the box that you purchased
8. Instead, go back to office.com > My Account > Service & Subscriptions
9. Under the "Install" link there is a "Show Product Key" link. Clicking on it reveals a product key different from the one you have in the box
    - Use this product key instead to activate Office 2016 in the "Enter Product Key" prompt
10. Activate and Enjoy


What I am Seeking Help For:-
- I do not know how to create a POL script. I would love to submit a script for installation but I do not know how to script it.
- This may only work for me and a select few others. Do help to test out the steps outlined above and comment below any other workarounds you needed.

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Dadu042 Monday 12 August 2019 at 20:42

It seems there's already a script.

Meles Thursday 26 March 2020 at 9:21

Hi there!

The Installation worked so far for me, but nothing launches. Probably it is because there is no /Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/ClickToRun/ and I cannot find "AppvIsvSubsystems32.dll" and "C2R32.dll" in my whole system. Please help!

Kind regards,


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