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Wine large mode works after update

but not later

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visionm Saturday 22 January 2022 at 1:47

Hi So I rececently noticed that on macOS Big Sur running PlayOnMac 4.4.3 with wine x86on64 21.0.0-cx that after an update steam works the way that it should in large mode, showing the store the library, downloads, everything with no problem.  But then after closing steam and reopening it steam reverts to the old behavior of showing a blank screen in large mode.


I realized that I am able to force an "update" to steam by changing the OS version in the wine config and reopening steam.  So now everytime that I switch between win7 and win10 steam will be fully functional until closing and reopening the program.  Its quite strange behavior, almost seems to me like the update is not being correctly written to the disk or something.  


Just wondering if anyone else noticed this behavior or has any ideas on how to make this work all the time?  We may be getting closer to getting a wine that works the way that it is supposed to!