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[TIP and IDEA] Compiz & Wine/POL

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otty Monday 20 October 2008 at 23:48


ive read a lot that its better to disable compiz when using wine.
the fullscreen mode of many games may not work with compiz.
That is true, i found compiz, X and even wine crashing, saw strange graphic bugs, got poor performance on games.

so, is it impossible to have compiz working AND playing games in fullscreen mode with wine ? No.

You can have a fully working compiz desktop with your games running ( only issue: fullscreen mode has to be the same resolution your desktop has.)

see the picture:

Here is the TIP:

Set for every game a virtual desktop with same size as your normal resolution. Choose the same resolution and enabled fullscreen mode in the games options ( disable vsync helps a lot )

What does it do:

- works fine
- tested it with STALKER, NWN2, JERICHO, THE WITCHER and TUNGUSKA -> works for every game without exeption.
- compiz does not crash

What does it not do:

- fullscreen is only in normal desktop resolution. if the ingame resolution is smaller or higher, the video output is resized, not rescaled.


Add a "compiz-fix-fake-fullscreen-thing" to installers.


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GNU_Raziel Tuesday 21 October 2008 at 0:12

Another fun trick for you, have a real animated wallpaper :

Google Translation of my french Howto

Have fun

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