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Guild Wars and aspire One

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kykkus Thursday 20 November 2008 at 17:36

Hi, i have an acer aspire one that have linpus (an lite version of fedora), so i want to play Guild Wars on that. Afer working, with wine-door, playonlinux i can install the game and i can run it, but after download the upgrade the game and before starting the log-in the game stops to work and it retur to the desktop with an other resolution of the screen... I can't understood why i can't play, please help me...

My System is: Linpus
My Wine-Door version is: 0.1.2
My PlayOnLinux versione is: 3.1.3
My Wine versione is: 1.18
And i have all hardware for the game
Aymeric P. Thursday 20 November 2008 at 20:05
Aymeric P.

We don't provide support for Wine-Doors here.

Try to run playonlinux from a console (not need to be root), and run guild wars, we can perhaps get a message.

Can you also say what is your graphics hardware ?
It's not because a game can be played on Windows, that it can be played on Linux, graphics driver are not the same...

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