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Program crashes with wine, but not with PlayOnLinux. How come??

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OrdoAbChao Friday 28 May 2010 at 0:53

Hi. I just did a fresh install of both wine(1.2-rc1) and playonlinux(3.7.3) on ubuntu 10.04. Next I create a new prefix for the program I'm trying to run, for both wine and playonlinux.

In playonlinux I do not specify a wine version, which I take it makes playonlinux use the system version? I do reconfigure wine though(both playonlinux wine and "barebone" wine), for win 95 mode as the program is old, box specifies win 95/98. Nothing else changed.

When the program is run from playonlinux it works(an overview of my hardware is the first window shown), but with wine directly from terminal it crashes!

What I'd like to know is why this happens? I've compared the files in the prefixes, and the .reg files are the only ones that differ. I tried copying them from playonlinux prefix to wine prefix, but no luck there.. Could someone help me understand why this happens?
OrdoAbChao Friday 28 May 2010 at 12:37

Or put another way: Can anyone tell me the command line playonlinux issues when I use the playonlinux gui to start my application? WINEPREFIX=/pathtomyfiles /somepath/wine /pathtomyapplication ?