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Debugging Output

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stackdaddy Monday 8 November 2010 at 19:53

Could someone please explain how to run an application and show the debug output, I have read other posts with no avail. From a standard terminal i run "playonlinux --debug appname" and this just fails to even run the application (and it does run almost 95% in playonlinux and wine other than the error im trying to fix). I cant find any information on how to use the playonlinux debug terminal and would love some help. Additional info: the version of wine does not matter the application information is also irrelevant as this should pertain to any windows executable ran inside of playonlinux and my actual problem is wine cant find a directory and im assuming the debug output will show this information. Why is the "playonlinux debug terminal" usage instructions not anywhere on this website? I know im missing something very important here sorry im a nub..