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HELP I need a COM Port

Newbie ned some assistence

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skippermicha Wednesday 14 September 2011 at 3:08

Dear All,

I am using playonmac for a communication software "Airmail"
This Software is used to get e-mail on board a sailing yacht worldwide.
playonmac lets run "Airmail" and also using that software in a Internet mode.
To use it on sea I need to communicate with a simple modem that is connected by bluetooth to my MacBook already:


BUT I get no connection from Playonmac to that MAC Com Port 1

Can anybody help me with a step to step description?


Quentin PÂRIS Thursday 15 September 2011 at 19:43
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

I read on your blog that your found the solution for your problem

Good job :) I did know that it was possible