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Capture Plugin

Pass Additional Arguments to GLC

Autor Respuestas
Fsy Wednesday 6 June 2012 at 15:14


First of all thanks for Play on Linux it's a very very useful tool.

I'm trying to get the capture plugin to work, without success - I think it's ALSA / Audio related but as I'm not interested in glc capturing audio this isn't a problem for me.

However I'd like to configure glc with the correct flags on it, how can I do this?

For example, rather than just capturing the program I'd like to use

glc-capture -i --disableaudio as the default usage

Additionally I'd like to specify  where the plugin writes the captures to.

Hope you can help.

System -

i7 2600K
nVidia GTX 560Ti

OS Fedora 17 x64 (KDE Spin)

POL version - 4.1.1
Quentin PÂRIS Wednesday 6 June 2012 at 16:45
Quentin PÂRIS

Maybe GNU_Raziel (author of the plugin) could modify his plugin to use POL_Config_Read commands to read PlayOnLinux main config file and make the plugin more tweakable.

It could be a suggestion