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Sports Sounds Pro is a sound playing program that was designed to be used at sporting events, radio, or other live events. It gives the PA announcer, radio announcer, or sound operator the ability to quickly and easily add sound effects/music selections to the game or event.

In addition to traditional sporting events such as baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and lacrosse, etc., Sports Sounds Pro is currently being used at roller rinks, ice skating rinks, rodeos, radio stations, live theatre, and corporate training seminars.

Sports Sounds Pro by the use of colors, allows the operator to tell which sound files have been used, the sound file currently playing, and which sound files have not been used. Sports Sounds Pro is very intuitive and easy to use. On each page there are forty-eight (48) color coded sound buttons that you can set. There are 18 pages under each group and there are ten groups. Different groups can be used for different events such as baseball, field hockey, etc.

The program has a total capacity of 180 pages and 8,640 buttons (sounds). The button assignments are saved in a special file with a .set extension. You can have multiple .set files so there really is no limit to the number of sound buttons you have (except the size of your hard drive).

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