[Help!]"DX9 SDK version 32 required" error on DayZ standalone with PlayOnLinux [ubuntu 14.04]

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Ultra Dreamz Dimanche 4 Mai 2014 à 2:33
Ultra DreamzAnonymous

Today I got PlayOnLinux to play DayZ standalone. I install steam, installed Dayz... but when I tryed to run dayZ, A pop up box came up and Said "DX9 SDK version 32 required". So, i did some reserch and I saw that it was only for windows. I looked on here for a thread to see if there is any way to get it on ubuntu 14.04 and there was only 1 topic on this and it was for ubuntu 12.02 not 14.04. So, here I am creating this topic to see if there is any way to get DX9 SDK version 32 for ubuntu 14.04. Any help is welcomed!
Ultra Dreamz Dimanche 4 Mai 2014 à 2:45
Ultra DreamzAnonymous

If this helps anyone, I have a AMD A10 5800k APU, 500GB HDD, MSI A78M-E45 Mobo and 8GB of Ram
Ultra Dreamz Dimanche 4 Mai 2014 à 21:31
Ultra DreamzAnonymous

And if your thinking "Oh this guy is dumb"... i dont like linux at all but im stuck with it... im a retard when it comes to coding and scripts and stuff like that. Iv been using ubuntu for like 2 weeks and i have no idea how to use it. im use to windows 7/8
myromance123 Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 20:12

And if your thinking "Oh this guy is dumb"...


Don't beat yourself up man, everyone starts somewhere.

I don't have DayZ myself, but have you tried installing DX9 in PlayOnLinux?

Select your DayZ installation in PlayOnLinux, click on Configure. Click the tab that says "Install components". Scroll down to the part that says d3dx9, select that and click Install. Now, try and run DayZ again. Does it work this time?

P.S: Also, just to check. Do you have your graphics drivers installed? In Ubuntu's dash (just press the Windows key), search for "Additional Drivers" and open it. In the list, what driver is selected and in-use?

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Ultra Dreamz Mardi 6 Mai 2014 à 23:46
Ultra DreamzAnonymous

Thanks! so far your the only one that has awesered me on 4 diffetrnt fourms sites -,-

Ill try that and see if it works. i think my problom was i had my drives set to the ubutnu default AMD drivers and those arnt the ones i need.

But i did install the d3dx9 thing in POL.
myromance123 Mercredi 7 Mai 2014 à 0:02

I changed my driver to the offical AMD driver, But now, when I start up Steam... Wine gives me a error message saying Steam has crashed..


Alright, remember you can always go back to the previous driver you were using by simply selecting it in "Additional Drivers" and clicking Apply (don't forget to restart!).

Before changing anything though, can you please select your Steam install in POL and click Debug (which should be on the right). It will post quite a bit of information.

The only information that is important, is what is printed out when you try to run DayZ and it crashes (or in this instance, when you try to run Steam and it crashes). This should help us narrow down where the issue might lie.

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Ultra Dreamz Mercredi 7 Mai 2014 à 3:26
Ultra DreamzAnonymous

I have steam working now. My only problom now its with DayZ. It doesnt really crash, It just says "DX9 SDK version 32 required" right when i launch th game. I have it reinstalling (I deleted steam to fix the crashing problom like a noob :P) and i have the d3dx9 thing install on the same winedows drive that i have steam installed in via the "Install compontens" tab in the config. So ill see if it works once its done installing.
Ultra Dreamz Samedi 10 Mai 2014 à 23:27
Ultra DreamzAnonymous

I still ned help. :( please help me