Adding option for global multi-user installation of games with path installation chooser

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michup86 Mercredi 30 Avril 2008 à 21:37

Dear Developer team!
My point is that right now PlayOnLinux is developed for single user system managed. When for example theres 2 users of computer system both of them have to install games in their .PlayOnLinux directory which produces duplication of data- and todays games can be huge as you know. And problem increases with more users in scope.
The only way to handle this is to make a symlink to .PlayOnLinux directory. But this is work around and then problem with permissions appear. Also when you decide to create desktop shortcut its created only for user who initial installation process.
I think there should be an option like checkbox "make global installation" or "make this program available for all users" something like that... and a path where program should be installed i.e. i can make special partition for games and mount it in /opt/games. You never know how people are managing their disk space... they might dont have enough space in /home mount point for games.
I hope this was helpful.
Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 1 Mai 2008 à 0:04
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Impossible. Wine doesn't want to use a prefix owned by a different user