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PlayonMac not working

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fugio9 Woensdag 20 September 2023 om 17:01

So i've recently discovered PlayOnMac as a method to play 32bit steam games on MacOS Catalina, but everytime i try to install steam or any other program i'm just met with multiple instances of the following message

"PlayOnMac has encountered an error, if the program you're installing has no-"
"visit www.playonmac.com to get further information"

"Error in POL_Wine
Wine seems to have crashed

If your program is running, just ignore this message"

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G-Raps Woensdag 20 September 2023 om 21:19

Some games on the Macbook Pro/Air just don't have adequate libraries and references to Windows-based libraries and system calls. I work with multimedia applications like Adobe Audition 3.0.1 and Adobe Audition 1.5, and so far, those applications work on Intel-based Macbooks. A search online as of today for a workaround include a time-based free trial of Crossover for Mac and the wine64 executable. These vary in their coverage, and some things might work or might not. They are ongoing, but in deference to PlayonMac, are still actively being developed.

PlayonLinux and PlayonMac seem to be stagnating at this time. That means options for playing certain Windows games and some other applications for Intel and M* Macbooks will be limited for this free platform.

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