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BG3 won’t detect any controllers

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jesma Zaterdag 20 Januari 2024 om 9:23

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all the troubleshooting there is to be found on this, but hopefully someone’s got an answer lol. Baldurs gate 3 won’t detect any controllers seemingly no matter what I do.

I’ve tried enabling/disabling the steam controller inputs, removing the game pad plist from resources, enabling/disabling steam overlay, reinstalled the game, reinstalled steam, and tried multiple Xbox/ps controllers both wired and wireless.

The only thing I can think of is that because I’m running on Catalina (music production, I’ll never update if I don’t have to) then there probably isn’t support or something. I’m willing to update to Monterey if I have to, but I’d wanna know it’d work first since moving back in iOS is a hassle lol.

However, the controllers work for every other game I have in steam so idk https://vidmate.onl/ ….

2019 MacBook i9

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