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Thinking about switching from windows to linux

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kinmo Dinsdag 19 Maart 2024 om 11:44

i have been using arch on my old laptop for some time now, and i have been loving it. and i want to switch to arch my desktop which i mostly use for gaming (i still plan to keep windows just in case i need to do something that only works on windows, but mostly game on linux). most of the games i play are singleplayer so anti cheats aren't a giant problem. but what is a big problem is that i have an nvidia graphics card, and i plan on using wayland (kde plasma 6). should i switch now?, wait for nvidia wayland support to be better  ?, and what are some good things to know before/when daily driving linux  https://1921681001.id/ https://19216811.cam/ ?.

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GuerreroAzul Dinsdag 19 Maart 2024 om 15:35

Hello kinmo,

If what you want is to use your PC as a video game console, I recommend that you use Nobara. It already has most of the libraries and software that you will be using to play installed. Also one of its great advantages is that it comes with the drivers for the most recognized graphics cards. If you want to try something new Nobara is a very good option.



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