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Nobody is planning to port via GPTK?

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goudd Donderdag 4 April 2024 om 12:00

I'm quite surprised that nobody is planned to port their games with GPTK or game porting tool kit to port their games to Mac so far. Literally nobody announced porting plans for Mac. I know it's just a test tool but still, I thought GPTK would help them to port easily. Def not including RE4, Death Stranding, and other games already planned to support AS Mac. A lot of people were excited that Mac gaming is rising because of GPTK but in reality, it never did. I would guess the Mac platform itself is not profitable to them? https://omegle.onl/ https://xender.vip/   

I'm curious to ask if there are any games ported after or using GPTK to Mac?

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