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The Longest Journey

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ZGKun Sunday 10 February 2013 at 9:07

Wine version: 1.3.32-tlj
Distribution: Fedora
Distribution version: 18
Graphics card: Intel® HD Graphics 3000
Graphics card driver: (not sure, maybe 1.0.0)
Comments: (other than those listed in "know issues"): When a map as scroll, the movement of the characters is wrong (they move too much), and they may move outside of the screen. A consequence of this (I think it is a consequence, but it may be independant): at the art museum (end of chapter 1), you cannot find Cortez, so you can't finish the chapter.
petch Sunday 10 February 2013 at 11:00

I'm seriously impressed by your patience!

Sadly, this script is all that can be done for this game under Wine, short of having strong Wine development skills that I don't have.
The used Wine patch was unfinished when large changes to the official Wine sources broke the patch (that's why version 1.3.32 is being used in the script). I don't know if/when any more work will be spent on porting the patch ideas to recent Wine versions, and also fix the remaining mouse issues. It could be that the only hope is that unrelated Wine efforts will fix the game as a "side effect".

Do you think I should add some more warnings in game description about your findings?


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ZGKun Sunday 10 February 2013 at 11:13

Hi petch,

Oh... What a pitty :( [specially because I don't have a computer with Windows]
I think it would be nice to add some warning. Until you arrive at the museum, there are minor gliches, but nothing serious (the other "scrolling maps" have no NPJ or are in the center).
And just if someone with the same problem read this, there are versions on wine (actual last: 1.5.x), in which you cannot see the April, but she is where she is suposed to be (checking if NPJ are also there). Since the "scrolling map with NPJ at the border" problem is not really common, it may be possible to play the game changing the versions :) (but you should use a walktrough to know when there is a missin NPJ).
petch Sunday 10 February 2013 at 14:50

Sorry I can't do more than that. I went a bit further down the game by rebooting under Windows on my laptop, and it looks like a nice game. But rebooting is a pain, and I'll probably wait for some solution under Linux before I continue.
So let's both hope it happens some day ;)
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