How to move virtual hard drive?

To another drive

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Astralogic Friday 21 March 2014 at 13:01

Hi, I've just installed a huge game in PlayOnLinux and I now regret it because it has eaten all my hd space

I need to find those files and delete them, then I need to reconfigure PlayOnLinux so it uses one of my other NTFS hard drives which are much larger.

Could someone tell me how to do it? I'm using OpenSUSE 13.1. I want to remove the game (all data really) I installed within PlayOnLinux. I created a virtual hard drive called BlacklightRetribution, so I think all I need to do is delete that, where ever that may be.

Once done, I need to change where PlayOnLinux creates its virtual drives. Or better yet, change it first, then simply move the Blacklight virtual drive to my other hard drive.

It's current on my main OS hd, and it's taking up too much space so I just want to move it to another hd.

petch Friday 21 March 2014 at 13:36

Non-Posix filesystems (including FAT and NTFS) and not fully supported by Wine, so not supported by PlayOnLinux.
That said, to manage disk space, see