Choppy mouse movement in Skyrim

Autor Odpowiedzi
structured89 Friday 21 March 2014 at 14:38

I've just loaded Skyrim on Ubuntu 12.04 x64 using POL version 4.2.2 and I've noticed that the mouse movement when looking around or panning in any direction is very choppy.  It wants to keep bouncing back in the opposite direction a little bit and makes any mouse movement very disconcerting.  This occurs on all high settings and all low settings (GTX 560ti 2GB). 

This is not lag as I can run and jump in any direction and the game looks gorgeous, it only occurs when moving the mouse.  

I have the same experience when using wine versions 1.7.14, 1.6.2, and 1.5.2.  I have also tried a different mouse, turned off mouse acceleration in Skyrim, and played with the display settings for POL.  I don't have another 3d first person shooter loaded to try this with but the mouse is fine in Metro Last Light natively.

Thanks for any help.