GOG Risen 3: Titan Lords

how to install correctly?

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koniuszko Thursday 13 July 2017 at 11:20

Hi, I install Risen 3 with playonlinux. I noticed that's not gog version in playnlinux. Installation succed but have some errors (I install also with wine-stagging 2.11 and installation was fine without any errors and the game runs but crashes during intro). When I start game, that error shows:

 Error in POL_Wine
Starting 64-bit process Risen3.exe is not supported in 32-bit virtual drives

can anyone help me with that game?

booman Wednesday 19 July 2017 at 23:32

You may have to try a manual installation since the script is probably using a Steam version.

To do a Manual installation:

  • Click Install
  • Click "install a non-listed program"
  • Follow instructions

The manual installation will allow you to create a new virtual drive and select the wine version you want to use.  It also allows you to install Packages (Windows Libraries, DLL, dependencies).  So its important to know what Risen 3 needs to run.  Like:

  • Direct X version (d3dx9)
  • DOT Net Framework (dotnet40)
  • Visual C (vcrun)
  • msxml3
  • etc...

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