Amazon Kindle and Play on Linux on Fedora 25

Cant open Kindle after closing the first time.

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expat42451 Sunday 23 July 2017 at 4:49

Kindle does not appear in the Play on Linux window of installed programs. System here is Fedora 25 running on an Asus Tuf 270, I7, 16GB RAM, NVidia graphics solution  on a 3 monitor desktop. System fully up to date.  Uses the Play on Linux download from the Fedora apps grouping to  install WINE and all of the dependencies it needed. Play on Linux installed WINE and the program ran fine. I used the installer to  install Amazon Kinde. The program installed and ran without problem.  However after closing Kindle and then Play on Linux, when I reopened Play on Linux, Kindle was not in the window of installed programs to start. What next? I did a search for this topic here before posting this thread. Many thanks


expat42451 Sunday 23 July 2017 at 5:01

Resolved.  This way.  After instaling and shutting down if the program does not appear in the Play on Linux Window, press the "configure"gear in the  upper pane of PlayOnLinux. This takes you to a window that says  "Please select a program or virtual drive to configure.".  You should see the program you installed in the upper left pane.  Click on the program and  in the right pane will appear  another window with "General" highlighted.  Click "Make a new shortcut for this virtual drive.". Choose the file with the suffix .exe, in my case Kindle.exe.  After this, I closed and reopened PlayonLinux and the Kindle icon and shortcut appeared in the right window where all of the programs installed appear. After this it ran fine. I hope this will help others not knowing what to do.