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sound not working well & slow downs during gameplay

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mastablasta Saturday 6 March 2021 at 10:29

the game installs and runs fine. i did a few missions so far. but i am getting this slow down during game in sound and sometimes on screen (grafics). it's like i used some sort of slo-mo effect. music and speach get's slow, sound effects are slow, slow movement (no lag, just slow)


i found this on wine appdb, but it looks like this option is not there anymore. would it actually help?:


Slow Play
If you have problems with slow play, go to your winecfg and disable support for Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader.



i tried changing wine versions, but there is no improvement. i also tried to change draw distance and graphics effects - no effect on performance.


one thing i notices in these forums is that you are supposed to use Alsa. i am not sure if that is still used. when i checked wine the options are pulseaudio or system default. do i need to install alsa? or just add alsa-utils?

Old but gold machine. older games usually run just fine.

  • Kubuntu 18.04
  • AMD Athlon64 3200 (single core)
  • Nvidia GT 730
  • 4GB ram
  • all are default installs from repositories

i have this game on windows XP on same machine and i know rain can cause sound issues occasionally, but otherwise it works fine over there. i am in the process of slowly "moving" the favourite games to linux :-)

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mastablasta Friday 19 March 2021 at 12:51

how to add commands like



winetricks sound=alsa
pasuspender winecfg

i've added this into Command to exec before running the program

Set_SoundDriver "alsa"
Set_SoundEmulDriver "Y"

but i am not sure if this is the same thing. it did imrpove performance slightly. now only music is slow.

and i would still like to know how to disable these pixel shaders and such.


mastablasta Saturday 29 May 2021 at 16:17

i upgraded mothebroard, ram and CPU and now it works like native.  laugh

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