Make PlayOnLinux FHS compliant

Autor Odpowiedzi
GvM Tuesday 4 May 2010 at 14:55

Found while making a Pol rpm package for Mandriva.

At the moment, Pol places his .mo lang files into "playonlinux/lang/locale" and uses them from that dir.

But the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (and Mandriva with it) recommends rather to install inand use them from "/usr/share/locale" (see:; by doing otherwise, the Pol source generates a lot of useless warning at the packaging time from the packaging tools.

The non-standard path seems to be hardcoded in at least 3 places of the sources:
1) in playonlinux/lib/variables:

2) in playonlinux/python/lib/
languages = os.listdir(Variables.playonlinux_env+'/lang/locale')
localedir = os.path.join(basepath, "lang/locale").

There is a way to make that path configurable at the package building time, to allow an FHS-compliant installation while still retaining the expected Pol behaviour?