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felipemoraes Tuesday 1 June 2010 at 3:39

I Installed and reinstalled, with and without supported scripts almost all games I have, and met with the following significant problems:

Age of Wonders said "unable to locate disc", because age of wonders in ubuntu lucid have the following path: /media/disk/. Later, after manually telling the path it says "script does not exists" and ceases install. I installed and played normally by "install unsupported app or pol" link in Install window.

Age of Empires Asian Dynasties gave too a "no cd" message, but both the other and default media paths where right. Installed and played normally with "install unsupported app or pol"

Deus Ex Invisible War prevented the recognition of disk 2 media during install, when script was cancelled, disk 2 media was recognized again. Also I don´t know if it was the script,POL or WINE, but something generated potentially dangerous behavior for the media since when in "insert cd 2" window, when I ejected the cd to reinsert it, the tray closed itself and I barely got the disc in time, Tray could have become stuck closing with half inserted cd. It has happened with other apps, in this kind of window when you eject the disc the tray closes itself after some seconds.

Theme Hospital installs, but fails to start with provided WINE version and current WINE.

With others scripts like "Fallout 3" and "The sims 3" I found which when Gecko fails to download, all subsequent tries fails too, and I have to reinstall WINE again and clean up resources folder. Gecko and other files too are not redownloaded when failed and install proceeds without them, also they do not restart from where they where interrupted.

When I change the wine version of a program with 'Wine versions installed" still loading, sometimes playonlinux freezes, this lasts for 30 seconds or more, sometimes it freezes for good.

After some time installed POL showed weird behavior, like the delete icon not working, nor manage WINE version, unable to change a POL launcher icon, infinite update window and so on. Completely erasing by synaptic and reinstalling did not solved the problem.

That´s it, thanks for Playonlinux

The cd problems are not a problem in POL or script , but in WINE

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