Civ 4 problems

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whirlybomber Monday 27 September 2010 at 6:42


I'm running Ubuntu 10.04x64, on a Phenom X6 1055, 8gig RAM with a Radeon 5850 and a 1gig HDD. I've tried to load Civ 4 using PlayOnLinux, and it is almost running, but hangs at "Init Engine" during the startup.

I have Loaded Civ 4 from my retail DVD (1.00), and then patched it with 1.74 patch using the patch feature of PoL (btw, the patcher cannot find the 1.74 at the address it looks for on the internet, but it works if you drop the 1.74 file in the PoL ressources directory).

I have added the 4 different .dll files to the Sid Meyer's Civilisation 4 directory (including d3dx9_32.dll as I am using a 64-bit system).

Is there anything I have missed?

Does anyone know what I should do to fix this?
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