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nankura Saturday 16 October 2010 at 11:54

hey guys

simple question

which distro of linux is best for me and using PlayOnLinux with

what do i want in a distro?

Well i want performance, 1 click installing, plug and play. easy stuff, im not to pro with linux. im abit of a noob, so i wanna install graphics and games without doing 1 million commands and kernel updates

And i want looks, someone suggest Linux Mint, but im not sure, but i dont want that grey to simple look, i want a good desktop, good looking, customisable, themes supported online etc

also a distro that supports my hardware.

4GB Kingston DDR2 Ram
Duel core E5300 Processor
ATi 5670 GFX Card
HDD Barracuda 500GB
P45 Neo-F Motherboard - searched for linux drivers, there are none so im worried there

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GNU_Raziel Saturday 16 October 2010 at 13:26

As a Debian user since 15 years, I recommend you a debian-based distro, like Ubuntu :
-Very easy to install/update/manage
-Gigantic community (so it's uber easy to find a solution when you have a problem)
-One of the most user-friendly distro

But if you want to know what is for you, download main distros (ubuntu, mandriva, openSUSE, ect...) and use an USBkey to try them, they all have a "Try before install" feature :)
Aymeric P. Saturday 23 October 2010 at 17:14
Aymeric P.

You can also find a distrib for you with the LDC (
You have only to answer few question.

Former member.
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