Counter strike source Not running properly

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Rinkana Tuesday 16 November 2010 at 18:15

Good day reader,

For some days i am struggling to get Counter strike source working. Thanks to PlayOnLinux i got a huge step. However i got 2 problems in CSS.

First of all:
The ingame text is unreadable. After some searching i found out that it was a font problem so i installed the needed fonts. However it is still unreadable. But when i launch it trough STEAM the text is as it should be. But i cant play it trough steam after some time CSS crashes.

The ingame text looks like this:
What it has to be: Options
What it is: n s

Thats problem one.

Now problem two.

I only can play in windowed mode. Otherwise my screen starts to flicker and lagg. I get strange stripes on my screen what are in a random position.

I have a AMD x4 656 CPU
An ATI HD5650 Videocard
4GB Mem
Pinguy 10.10 (Ubuntu based distro)

Thanks in advance

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