It seems you dont have a 3D...

No game starts, i think because grafikproblem

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pole64 Saturday 4 December 2010 at 18:46

Hi POL-Community
I have installed three games with and without PoL (over wine)
GTA IV, CoD4, Nightfire
So unfortunetly they dont want to start.
When i start them over the wine menue i become a error: application ist crashed....
When i start PlayonLinux i become the error, that it seems i dont own a 3d-accelerator and i should enable or install on.
I think theres the problem.
ive got an HD 4850 1GB on an X58A-UD7 and we all now how bad the ATI drivers are :D
I have allready activatet them over Ubuntu itself and ive also got the CCC and all this fuck
but it stil doesnt work.
Can u help me?
Rave2Rave Wednesday 8 December 2010 at 22:07

"i become the error" --> i hope never!!^^
get into the wine-settings over (e.g. through POL) and turn the hardware acceleration and hardware transform and lightning on. ( for some games, its helpful to set an virtual monitor (resolution: set same as desktop or 1 pixel each less)
if you can't set hardware acc. or it doesn't help, check if your graphics card is supported and enabled by POL/wine/ubuntu itself