No Tools Menu while using PlayOnLinux in Ubuntu

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Azul Monday 6 December 2010 at 0:00

PoL 3.8.6 on Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat:

There are no menus on the Ubuntu version of PoL. The only way I can get access to the 'Tools' menu is by running it as root.

I found a script on here that is using a version of the game that is out of date. I updated the script by copy/pasting it into a new file and making required changes. Now I want to run my 'custom' script in PoL so I can install the new game. I'll need to be able to access the menus to do that though.

In case it matters I'm trying to get Super Mario Brothers X version 1.3 to install.

The script in the repository is pointing to smb12.exe and also is going to some third party download site rather than the official web page.

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Azul Wednesday 8 December 2010 at 21:44

It might be an Ubuntu problem but I found a way to get the menus to appear without running as root.

Open PoL then System->Preferences->Appearance and change your theme to something else. Suddenly the menus are visible! It seems like you'll have to change the theme every time you load PoL if you want to be able to see the menu bar.