[issue]Installing PlayOnLinux[/issue]

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MrNasty Tuesday 7 December 2010 at 19:09

I am a beginner of linux, playonlinux and english so pls excuse me.

I downloaded the application from this website and installed it with "packet installator GDebi"

now i don't know how to launch the application and where to insert the commands presented here :

thank you in advance

GNU_Raziel Tuesday 7 December 2010 at 19:28

To launch POL, simply use a terminal and type playonlinux but, most package manager generate a shortcut for POL, in "game" section.

If you want to install a supported game/app, simply use POL, use search engine in "Install" menu of POl and follow instructions, it's quite simple.

If you want to install unsupported game/app, first thing to do is check AppDB, is your game/app is bronze or garbage rated, forget it.

If you want to create a POl installer for your game/app, check other scripts on website an examples, you can "play" with POL commands using "POL terminal" in options. Be sure to respect POLv3 current standards, a game like Dead Space respect thoses standards, it's a good example.