PlayOnLinux and Super Mario Brothers X

RealPlayer won't install

Autor Odpowiedzi
Z.K. Saturday 19 March 2011 at 23:15

I installed RealPlayer awhile back and I was trying to install Super Mario Brothers X. During the install it tries to install RealPlayer, but then it just hangs. I let it stay like that for over 10 hours hoping it would recover, but it did not and I had to force a shutdown of the application using the Force Quit Button application.

So, I guess my question is how to I cleanly remove the Super Mario Brothers X and RealPlayer without leaving bits of the program behind. I am not all that familiar with wine such as does it have a registry or put things in weird places that way Windows does or can I just deleted the directory for the game under the .wine directory? Actually, it does not look like RealPlayer or Super Mario was actually installed or at least I could not find a directory though their are shortcuts on the desktop.

I am using 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 which might be the problem. Maybe I can't use a 64-bit operating system for PlayOnLinux.

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