Oblivion - Shivering Isles Problem

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hati Saturday 30 April 2011 at 10:42


I have succesfully installed Oblivion with POL, but now Shivering Isles causes trouble:
I'm a Ubuntu 11.04 user and try to install the german Shivering Isles addon.

When I try to install it, it says something like "Data not found" (don't know what it says exactly in english :p). After trying out few things (like try to start it again ;-)) I checked the script. I have to say that I have little to no programming experience, but I think it does not scan if there's a german POL user?
In addition I don't have a multi5 but rather a multi3 disc. Am I right that the line

POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "French/setup.exe"

checks if there's a setup.exe in a folder "French"? If so, it won't find anything because I only have "English", "German" and "Italien" on my disc.

Can I just change the line in "English/setup.exe"? And add a

elif [ "$POL_LANG" == "de" ]; then
wine start /unix "$CDROM/German/setup.exe"

Or is it far more complicated? I don't want to ruin anything on my system :-°

PS: You're doing an awesome thing here!
GNU_Raziel Saturday 30 April 2011 at 11:25


Sorry for that, my bad :p

It's now fixed, cheking english files and i've added german and italian support.



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hati Saturday 30 April 2011 at 19:57


Thanks for the quick response!

I see that you've added few "elif"-thingies but what exactly does POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "French/setup.exe" do? Documentation says it checks if there's this specific file, but again on my disc isn't any folder "French" °_°

Anyways, it's loading, but now securom cries, that it couldn't activate a security module or something (copy protection? If so, I'd like to question it's purpose...)
GNU_Raziel Saturday 30 April 2011 at 21:04

POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom check targeted file on CD/DVD to avoid wrong CD/DVD issue.

Your disc do not have french folder cause this addon is multi3 release only, so it contain only 3 language, French disk also have spanish and english language.

About anti-piracy protections, you will have to disable it because wine do not handle them. Since in Europe it's illegal to give hints/links about that, you will have to find how yourself.

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hati Monday 2 May 2011 at 10:20

Yeah that's clear, but why not check the English folder? Both have this folder, so it'd avoid more possible wrong CD/DVD issues. Or is this to check whether its the multi5 or multi3 version?

About the copy protection thing: I've tried it out with a new wine version (1.3.19) and I get a different error message (something about it couldn't find any drives). So there's no use but google ;-)

Thanks again for your time :)
GNU_Raziel Monday 2 May 2011 at 13:45

I've just forgotten to change it to English files after primary test, that's all ^^