[MS OFFICE 07 - Word] Larger documents / scroll error

[MS OFFICE 07 - Word] Larger documents / scroll error

Autor Odpowiedzi
Klibzer Monday 26 December 2011 at 21:26

First of all let me thank everyone who contributed to this good piece of software!

I have a problem after installing MS Office 2007. I have a legal version, the whole install went without problems. However when I open a large (more than 2 pages) document and scroll down (in Word), I cannot go any further than page 2-3. After this pages are blank / really short.

In short: installation went okay, but without this problem for larger documents, Word is not workable.

Are there more people who had this problem, how did you solve it?

Thnx! Klibzer

[Ubuntu 11.10, MS Office 2007, latest version of POL]