Netbook-specific issue: Drive Mapping in Wine

It's a bit obscure, sorry

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buttmonkley Wednesday 25 April 2012 at 18:04

I have an HP Mini running JoliOS. I have hte latest version of Wine installed, although POL installed 1.3 for the game I am trying to run.

The situation is this: Because I have a netbook with 8GB SSD, I must install the game to an external hard drive. Before doing anything, I configured the Default Wine to map my external drive as <D:>  This is because Wine sees my /media/externalharddrive as part of /root, and thinks there is less than 1GB of free space on the device.

When I go to install it via POL, Wine creates a new instance of itself, then uses the game's script to customize the Wine configuration as it's supposed to.  The problem here is that I never get to map the drives.  The game installation screen comes up and sees /media/externalharddrive has 700MB of space instead of 96GB of space.

I actually thought I had a workaround when I went into "Configure", mapped the drives correctly, then clicked "run an .exe".  I installed the game from the original binary but after a successful installation, POL won't run it, nor will it let me "run an .exe"

Anybody know what I can do?  Is there a way I can pre-configure the game's Wine configuration to see my external hard drive as separate from /root?
buttmonkley Thursday 26 April 2012 at 2:27

Okay, I solved this issue. Here's how:

After the failed installation, just finish it so that POL creates a game profile in the main window. Then copy the dosdevices folder from your default wine prefix into /.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/yourgame.

Go back to POL and do a fresh install of your game. It will use the wineprefix with the same name and recognize the new drive mapping.

I hope this helps someone else!