POL / DAZ studio4 / GoZ

Autor Odpowiedzi
filthian Tuesday 1 May 2012 at 8:33

hi...i have daz studio 4 installed and runs great under p.o.l....there is an add on that is a separate .exe for this program...when installing this .exe (DAZ_GoZ)..

---which for some reason has no path directory choice---strange...and it is purchased version

the error pops up..."unable to create directory -whatever- on z:/"(which i know i is root)...

im not sure why this app wants to install on root..i do have a system link from root/home ... to home on other hrddrv

but all other .exe installed fine (and probably still do)...just this particular plugin...

is there some kind of over ride...?

to get threw read/write permissions...and manual app and then place it where i want...

has there been this type of install issue before...?