Diablo 3 screen blanks after 10 minutes

this is really bugging me

Autor Odpowiedzi
MrNeat Sunday 8 July 2012 at 2:19

First, the stats:

geforce gt 220 graphics card
wine 1.5.5diablo3v3
POL 4.1.3
Ubuntu 12.04
nvidia 295.49

The problem:

I have diablo 3 installed, though I do have the authentication problem as well that is fixed with a line of script that I don't have handy to repaste.  I can start and play the game until 5-10 minutes (I haven't timed it, just approx) into gameplay the screen goes blank and says that the cable is not connected.  The sound is still playing but the screen refuses to turn back on, and yes I've tried turning it off and on again. 

What I've tried:

I did start with outdated versions of POL and wine though the same problem was happening then too.  So i updated the versions with diablo 3 already installed from the previous versions.  I switched from using hdmi to dvi and switched monitors. I updated my graphics driver and turned off all powersaving and standbye/lock options I could find.

I have a feeling its with my graphics card, it just seems like being in wine causes my monitor to think I'm afk and goes on a power saving fiasco... which leads to a hard reset everytime... help.