2D-Graphical faults in Rome TW and Medieval 2 TW

Problem with Intel HD 3000?

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Ubunter Thursday 20 September 2012 at 12:51

i have some problems running 2 of my favorite games on linux. Maybe the problem is more related to wine or to my graphics-card/settings but I always install  games using playonlinux and maybe I have just to set the right option for solving the problem, so I try it here at first.

I use Playonlinux 4.1.7 in Linux Mint 13 (64-Bit) on a notebook with Intel HD 3000 graphics. The system installation of wine is version 1.5.13. In both games I recognise the same 2D-graphical faults which makes it impossible to read any text in the menus and no icon or graphic is visible the right way. Here are some screenshots:

I also tried the following options:
  • wine version 1.3.10
  • set direct draw renderer to opengl
  • set graphics memory to 512 MB
  • disable GLSL
  • use virtual screen with resolution of 1024x768
But nothing seems to change anything. Maybe I have to disable something because of my graphics card? The games seem to work for a lot of people without any problems and I never read about this graphical fault before.

Can someone help me with this problem?

kind regards

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