Install a windows softphone on Ubuntu

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popolvuh Friday 21 September 2012 at 18:47


Im really planning to move to Ubuntu and finally leave Windows. =D

But before that, I need to ensure that the following softphone runs very well in the last version of ubuntu 12.04. Because this softphone is very important for our small home-office.

Something important: if the installer don't detect the libs of Visual C++ 2010 it asks you if you want to install it.

This provider for the moment don't provide a sofphone based on linux platforms. And also  don't provide the credentials to setup another softphone like Jitsi.

So, like any other windows app in Ubuntu, I installed wine and playonlinux to try to run this softphone in Ubuntu. But until now I can not do it.

So I will appreciated your help to run this app in Ubuntu.

I hope your indications. Regards!