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The story of me by me for those interested few

Well, basically, I'm here to translate into English whatever the guys come up with... and to hunt down GhostofKendo's grammatical misjudgments ...

My name's Marie, I live somewhere in France ... near Luxembourg.

I happen to be a real life translator, at least for the time being.

I read a lot in my spare time. Mostly horror, SF and fantasy. Somehow I got into reading the Wheel of Time and although very frustrating sometimes, I got into the story. I am an unconditional fan of S.King. I am weak and likes pretty much everything he wrote.
Dune remains the absolute wow though.
I'm a big music fan as well...loud music mostly.

I like bad jokes. I play Guild Wars and just loves my UT sprees... and concerts, yeah, I like concerts.

Well that's about it,