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Diablo 3, wine/monitor issue

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ant-pol Monday 10 March 2014 at 15:44

HI guys, i'm having some trouble running diablo 3 with PoL. I am fairly new to linux so some help may be needed explaining certain things.

I'm currently using Ubuntu 13.10.

- Diablo 3/battle.net client & wine1.7.13

- I launch Diablo 3 through PoL. It launches the battle.net client, it shows me an error ''wine program crash - Internal errors - invalid parameters recieved). This error may be causing the issue but i'm unsure. I then click play and launch diablo 3.

The issue i'm having is that diablo 3 launches on my second monitor and not my primary(being the better monitor). My primary monitor is set in Nvidia CP as monitor 1 but battle.net client detects my secondary monitor as primary. I can see this because of the 'toast' location test.

Second question.. Anyone know how to resolve the failed news section in battle.net client? I know it's a library that i need to add but i'm unsure which one or what setting.

If you guys need anything else then say and i'll try to provide it.


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neurod Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 19:05

For your second question, the news section is working with 1.7.14.

Not sure about your other questions.
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