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spin tires crash on mac

can play only for a little while before crashing

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harshaneja Wednesday 2 July 2014 at 22:22

macbook air 2013

os X mountain lion

1.3ghz (boosted up to 2.6ghz)

4 gb ram

everytime i play the game it runs for a few seconds and then crashes saying that there is an error in the wines. also before starting the game a dialog box says "CPU does not meet minimum requirement; Streaming SIMD Exstentions support required.".....

i love this game, help me to sort out this problem.

kriss13 Friday 5 December 2014 at 0:40


I was just about ot say same here but afte I installed some aditional components (configure) it WORKED!

Now I don't remeber all of them because I was throwing arrows in the dark :).



using wine 1.7.32




-d3dx11(i think or 10 ?:)

-and I put a dll near the .exe file (X3DAudio1_7.dll)

the problems come from dx, physics or sound I believe (I'm no expert)

I runs smooth maxed on rMBP15" 2012, Mavericks

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