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Plentymarkets client

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Methoxetamin Saturday 4 July 2015 at 17:52

Hi there,

the place i work at (an onlineshop) runs its logistics and order handling via plentymarkets.
the backend is available via browser but there is also a desktop client for it, which runs on Win and Mac

i dont wanna use windows to use the client.

I managed to start it through PlayOnLinux, couldnt test all yet, but so far one main issue is:

 if  I choose in dropdowns e.g. a destination to save a file locally or a printer to use, it never recognises this.
it always jumps back to "Please select", after saving the dialog.
any idea why that happens and how to fix it?


when i choose test and save the dialog, it wont keep the option test.

thx so far

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