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From 64bit to 32 bit steam

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andym1a2 Friday 9 December 2016 at 7:55

I tried creating a 64-bit drive with steam and then playing world of tanks blitz, but the steam game crashed and the log seemed to imply the architecture was the problem. So I've attempted making other drives, even uninstalling and reinstalling PoL but whenever I install steam it forces the drive to use a 64-bit wine. When I try to go in configuration, the default is always the 64-bit version and if i install the 32 bit version and delete the 64-bit version, the default becomes "system.' I've tried changing this from configuration and then installing steam but then the installation crashes after telling me to log in to steam after the update completes. I try installing steam from the main screen and I have to overwrite/erase or create a new drive and the end result always ends up with a 64-bit wine. What can I do?

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