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PS3 / 8BitDo Game Pads

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H Man Wednesday 30 January 2019 at 11:34
H Man

Hi guys, so i've installed a game (Cuphead) onto my MBP through PlayOnMac and the game is working flawlessly and control wise you currently can use the keyboard but i'd like to get a control pad working with it. My Mac (15 inch 2017, OSX 10.14.2) picks up the controller (PS3 via USB) no problem but I'm not sure why the game doesn't recognise it, i'm guessing that if I was on a Windows system i'd need to possibly install a driver or something to get it to work.

What do you recommend doing or advise on how to get PlayOnMac to let me use this control pad? Like I say its a PS3 Bluetooth game pad which currently im trying to use via USB but I can always connect it via Bluetooth if thats any better? Or should I go and get one of the 8BitDo pads but i'd imagine i'd have the same problems with that as you've got to get PlayOnMac to recognise it.

Thanks in advance

H Man

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