office 2010 arabic letters ( power point )

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AhmedDizad Tuesday 3 September 2019 at 19:15

السلام عليكم

my windows 10 was crashing alot . so i switched to ubuntu last month .

in my college we use ms office so i installed the 32bit 2010 via playonlinux .

and it works perfectly just like in windows . 

it's all good in (word ,exel and acces )

but whene i use power point the arabic letters are not connected ( ex : my name ahmed in pwer point  اح م د  when it should be احمد )

i cant find why it works with word and exel but not with power point

is there a way to fix it ,

thank you .


Dadu042 Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 9:29

No idea.  I think you should search on the web, it's certainly a general issue.

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