Questions about linux setup and performance

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piyusmagh Monday 3 July 2023 at 20:21

Hello! So, long story short, FFXIV is pretty much the only reason I have not moved from Windows to Linux yet, and I would like to finally bite the bullet. Before I do that that thought, I’d like to ask any Linux players around here about their experiences.

  • How bothersome was it to get the game to work (apart from the standard steps for gaming on linux). I am particularly interested in the steam version, since that’s the type of account I have. I’ve seen people mentioning having to use XIVLauncher on ProtonDB, is that still necessary? If so, where can I find information on how to set it up? (For extra context – I’m a software dev and I’ve worked with Linux before, so I know roughly what I'm getting into and I’m not afraid of a little legwork) https://mobdro.bio/.

  • Once it was running did you experience any bugs/glitches/performance issues (particularly with an nvidia card), or was it smooth sailing?

  • Does anyone know what’s SE stance on running the game on Linux? Is it against ToS, and if so, how likely would it actually be to result in a ban? Right now I'm presuming “yes” to the former and “highly unlikely” to the latter. Or am I wrong?

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